Australian Xmas breakfast by HOPONIT

At HOPONIT, we like light and fresh for Xmas breakfast: fresh berries, poached peaches and mango ricotta sauce.  Here’s our recipes for a healthy Xmas breakfast that can be made in advance – just prepare the berries fresh on the day.   If you want a really special breakfast, serve with champagne crepes.  The peaches and sauce will keep refrigerated for several days.  You can also serve them as a fruity dessert.



Flesh of 2 mangoes

500g ricotta cheese

1 and a quarter cups thick Greek yoghurt

5 tablespoons caster sugar

6 tablespoons grand marnier (for non-alcoholic version, add more orange)

Grated rind 2 oranges

Juice 1 orange



6 peaches

1 kg sugar

2 litres water (or 1.25 litres water and 1 bottle (750ml) wine)

Make a sugar or sugar wine syrup: In a wide saucepan, heat 1 part sugar to 2 parts water (or water and wine). If you have a wider pan and need more syrup – add according to the same ratio of 1 part sugar to 2 parts liquid. Heat slowly and stir until sugar is dissolved. You can add a whole vanilla bean cut down the centre or a couple of cinnamon sticks to the syrup if you like.  

Rinse whole peaches and score around the middle (run knife from top to bottom around the middle, just cutting through the skin of the peach. This will make it easier to peel off the skin when the peaches are poached). Carefully lower whole peaches into the hot syrup with a slotted spoon. Syrup should be barely simmering - secret is to poach slowly. Move peaches around gently once or twice when poaching to make sure they are evenly poached.

Ripe peaches will take only a few minutes. Unripe fruit will take longer. Test with a skewer - skewer should push in easily to the centre when done. Carefully remove whole poached peaches from the hot syrup with a slotted spoon when done and rest them on a cutting board to cool. Leave a few minutes or they'll be too hot to handle. When peaches have cooled, slip off the skin from where you have scored the peach or cut off if the skin is still attached.

Cut wedges towards the centre stone as if segmenting an orange. Cut the slices reasonably fine, but thick enough that they won't just fall apart in the syrup. If you want to do a big batch, you can use the same syrup again, replenishing if necessary as you go.

Place peach slices into a serving bowl and pour the cooled syrup over them to cover. If you have used whole spices in syrup, they look good served with the peaches. 

Have a wonderful Xmas!