New product ranges and other plans for 2017!



We’re excited that HOPONIT’s first wallpaper and stationery collections are being launched with the New Year.  The new collections designed by Christo Gillard will be based on his love of the coast and the seaside – the ocean has been a huge part of his life in Australia and overseas. 


The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s seven natural wonders, inspired the coral collection.   We hope that its magnificent corals, turquoise waters and abundant marine life will be protected against environmental threats. 


HOPONIT’s sharknet collection has been created against the backdrop of the current debate over shark nets.   Sharks are top predators in the marine environment and play a critical role in balancing the ocean ecosystem. Shark nets have been used in Australia to trap, entangle and kill sharks since the 1930s.  They kill not only sharks, but also many other species as bio-catch.  Their effectiveness in protecting humans from attacks is questionable.  Perhaps it’s time to use modern technology to keep us safe and eliminate the risk of entanglement of marine life.


We tend to assume from media reports of shark attacks that sharks are in record numbers.  Shark populations are actually under pressure around the world from overfishing. The increase in shark attacks is more likely due to the growth in the number of people in the ocean and longer times spent in the water.


In bringing you these collections for 2017, we’ll be collaborating with some of Australia’s leading libraries and museums.  Many of these institutions are world-class and it will be a privilege to work with them.


With the new year, there are many exciting opportunities for HOPONIT.  In the coming months, we’re planning to hand paint linen for limited edition scarves and throws.  We also have some amazing Japanese denim that we think would make fantastic designer aprons, so watch out for that too.


If you’d like to hear more about what we’re developing as it happens, email us and we’ll give you advance notice of what’s about to be released.