Commonly known as Mr Na Fin, Dale Egan is a major innovator of modern surf, retro furniture restoration and your all-round talented artist. 

Dale’s family needs no introduction in the art world.  His brother Shane Egan was renowned for his air-brush surf art across almost every surf brand in Australia’s history.  His mother June Sune Egan has been resident artist in Tonga, with her art admired and purchased by Tonga’s Royal family. His niece, Hayley Egan, is an accomplished sculptor and prop maker to the Australian film industry.

In the early 80s, Egan opened up LunarTec Interiors, an iconic store selling recycled and retro furniture from the 50s and 60s on Sydney’s Bourke St.  He specialised in the avant-garde, being one of the first to sell industrial design pieces.

By the time the 90s hit, Egan was one of the leading pioneers in the na fin surf movement. After a lifetime of research and by cutting the fins right down on his board, Egan was able to manoeuvre the waves through sliding drifts.

Dale’s story has been documented in the film “Day Late, Dollar Short” directed by Ben Cregan. Released in 2013, Day Late Dollar Short rose to cult status in the surfing community.

Dale also collaborated with world-renowned violinist Richard Tognetti and surfer Derek Hynd in 2008 on Musica Surfica, a documentary bringing together classical musicians and top surfers on remote King Island while they explore the possibilities of finless surfing.

More recently, Dale’s art archive has been featured in Primitive Skills magazine (Vol 03, 2018).  Dale has also been involved in the film/book project Beyond Litmus, a sequel to the film Litmus by Andrew Kidman, Jon Frank and Mark Sutherland. 

From film to illustration to collage, Dale’s art provides a glimpse inside this visionary’s mind.